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Parrigas Enlozada

Parrigas Enlozada


Start eating healthier and better tasting food when you cook with this stove top grill without needing to spend as much time and effort! Our Parrigas has arrived direct from Argentina!

HEALTHY COOKING - Reduce fat and cholesterol in foods while sealing in flavor and juices when grilling any meat, fish, vegetables and much more. Our stove top trayl is enamelled non-stick, so you can cook all types of meat, vegetables without needing oil or butter. A healthy and delicious alternative to pan frying or broiling that brings the great taste of outdoor food inside.

DRIP PAN - Unlike most other pans , our stove top grill has an integrated drip pan that catches excess fat and grease and prevents flare ups. Adding water to the drip pan helps eliminate unpleasant smoke and grease splattering for a cleaner grill experience.

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