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The Parrilla Gaucha grill is both extremely durable, and practical, designed with removable grates and drip pan for easy cleaning. Coming as a standard with all Parrilla Gaucha BBQ's, the parrilla grill is also available to be purchased separately and inserted into your own construction. All our Parrilla grills come standard with metal frame, removable enamel grates, front drip pan and a galvanised crank & chain height adjuster mechanism. Sizes range from 85cm, 105cm and 125cm in width and 60cm in depth. Fire baskets are purchased separately.


The enamel coated V-groove grate provides a sturdier cooking surface and more even heat distribution than typical wire-grate barbeques. The grilling surface which sits at a slight angle allows the juices that drip from the meat to run down the channel and collect in the drip pan below. This design eliminates any fire flare-ups that you find familiar with wire-grate Barbeques where fat drips onto the charcoal below producing flames causing burning and blackening to the outside of the meat while still raw inside. The enamel coating on our grills makes them rust resistant and very easy to clean, simply wipe over with a soft damp cloth after use.


The ability to produce constant regulated cooking temperatures is crucial when cooking either large or small cut of meat. Being able to raise and lower the cooking surface from 0 – 50cm above the coals height is what sets the Parrilla Gaucha apart. By correctly controlling the distance between the food and the coals you are able to easily find a perfect temperature every time, no matter if you are slow cooking larger joints of meat on a higher grill setting or cooking steaks low down. The unique crank handle and gear lock into place at the desired height, saving you from having to move coals around or wait for heat levels to reduce. Just think, this means no more spraying the coals or wholly removing the grill from the BBQ to save your food from burning!


The benefits of the front drip pan are twofold. A complimentary component to the V-groove grilling surface, the drip pan collects meat drippings and prevents them from spilling onto the coals causing fire flare-ups that can burn the meat. It also allows you to baste meat in its juices throughout the grilling process or reserve them for sauces, gravies, or even seasoning the V-grooves grates themselves. The drip pan quickly detaches for easy clean up after cooking.


For those who would like the option to grill with wood as well as coals, the wood burner iron basket which fits one side of the Parrilla will produce your fuel directly from hardwood giving a continuous ready supply of perfect burning embers. Once the desired amount of coals have gathered, simply shovel and distribute the coals to the base of the Parrilla. Moreover, because you can make your fuel if you decide to use wood, experiment with the distinct flavours imparted by different types of wood: from oak to Mesquite, Applewood to Hickory, the choice is yours as you customise your hardwood grilling experience to your liking.

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