Parrilla Gaucha UK
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About Us


Parrilla Gaucha UK was born out of a husband's determination to recreate for his Argentine wife the traditional Asado that she so dearly missed since leaving her native Argentina. He desperately wanted to re-produce the authentic Asado that his wife loved and is central to Argentine cultural heritage. Little did they both imagine that it would one day lead to the creation of Parrilla Gaucha UK and now the UK and Europe’s premier supplier of genuine Argentine Parrillas. 

Nick and Lorena Frangione, who founded Parrilla Gaucha UK, imported the first Argentine Asado BBQ to the UK from Argentina in 2007. Though there were setbacks along the way after three years, they finally got what they had been missing. Lorena could, at last, enjoy the delights of an authentic Argentine Asado once more.

Through research, Nick became captivated with Gaucho history and culture and with all that surrounded it, as years past his passion for the Asado grew. After a trip to Argentina and continuous intrest from family and friends in acquiring a genuine Parrilla Nick & Lorena became convinced that this wood fired BBQ style of cooking could be apreciated by BBQ lovers everywhere. In 2015 they enbarked on a business venture to import Parrillas direct from Argentina. 


Today, Parrilla Gaucha UK Ltd are the exclusive and sole UK importers of premium Argentine Asado Parrillas. They have built a reputation within the Anglo-Argentine community as the UK premier supplier of authentic Asado BBQ’s and as testament can boast the Argentinian Embassy in the UK amongst its list of clients. The portfolio of products and services range from Asado Grill inserts and Pre-built brick BBQ’s, to bespoke design and construction of the Argentine “Quincho” which is a fully self-contained outhouse BBQ dinning and entertainment space. The goal now is to bring this amazing experience to the wider UK market as they truly believe that the moment one samples the true delights of this extraordinary method of cooking, they will never look back. So why not join them on this culinary journey of discovery.